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Made-to-Measure filters : We manufacture all custom filter sizes. Contact us! 1-800-808-0496
Made-to-Measure filters : We manufacture all custom filter sizes. Contact us! 1-800-808-0496

Expert In Commercial Filters

With 30+ years’ experience, the commercial division of AirFiltration can provide Air and Liquid filtration products for all commercial, industrial and institutional needs

We have the filters you need at the price you want!

Did you know that Air Filtration is a also a Manufacturer's Representative?

Do you buy Commercial Filters (3M Filtrete Commercial , Tri-Dim Filters, etc.) in large quantities or for specialized applications? Are you a distributor, wholesaler, contractor or a specialist of HVAC?

If so, please contact us! We can supply you directly from the manufacturer's plant.

The commercial division of Air can satisfy all your needs for commercial, industrial and institutional filters at really competitive prices.

Hospitals, Filtration Plants, Daycare Centers, Paint and Spray Booths, Sport Centers, Office Buildings, Educational Establishments, Restaurants, Shops, Factories, Agricultural Applications (poultry, livestock, pigs, goats, sheeps, turkeys, chickens, cattle, cows, barns, shelters, housings), and so much more!

Everywhere where you need clean air! We are able to advise you on the most appropriate filters for any application. If necessary, all our filters can be custom made to fit perfectly on your existing equipment. Feel free to contact us with the form below or at 1-800-808-0496 or

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Weatherguard Heat Pump Cover

  • WG-1
  • WG-2
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MERVPLUS, MERV 8 Pleated Filter - 1"

  • MERVP1020108
  • MERVP1220108
  • MERVP1224108
  • MERVP1420108
  • MERVP1425108
  • MERVP1520108
  • MERVP1620108
  • MERVP1624108
  • MERVP1625108
  • MERVP1824108
  • MERVP1825108
  • MERVP2020108
  • MERVP2024108
  • MERVP2025108
  • MERVP2030108
  • MERVP2424108
  • MERVP2430108
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Air Exchanger Filter

  • 03308
  • 02300
  • 02349
  • 01232
  • 01234
  • 01248
  • 01249
  • 04771
  • 18204
  • 18205
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Humidifier Evaporator Pad

  • A04-1725-051
  • A04-1725-052
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