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Heat Pump Protector

The Best Protection to Save Your Heat Pump During Winter!

Protect your heat pump against a heart attack!

In winter, when the fan of your heat pump is running, micro ice particles are projected at hundred of miles per hour on the most vital parts of your system.

These particles can perforate the finish of many components. This opens the door to rust, corrosion and eventually to the break down of your heating system. Don't let this happen!

The Weather Guard Solution

The Weather Guard is a proven product made of a special high-density polymer that can withstand the abuse of the most severe temperatures. It will not become brittle with time.

It can be easily installed on the top of your heat pump and will protect it from snow, ice, rain.

It's easy to order. The Weather Guard fits all residential heat pumps. Measure the fan diameter and order as below:

Weatherguard Heat Pump Cover

The Best Protection to Save Your Heat Pump During Winter!

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WG-2 26" x 10" $235.00 Add To Cart

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