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Made-to-Measure filters : We manufacture all custom filter sizes. Contact us! 1-800-808-0496
Made-to-Measure filters : We manufacture all custom filter sizes. Contact us! 1-800-808-0496


The Air-T-Rex™ UNIVERSAL Merv 11 Filter

The Merv 11 Air-T-Rex™ Universal Replacement Filter is a Real Game Changer

Unlike other brand name filters, the Air-T-Rex™ Universal is made to measure so it will fit perfectly into your HVAC unit. This removes the biggest problem for ordering replacement filters. You cannot be wrong.

  • Many people are confused by nominal dimensions, complex filter codes, furnace model and manufacturers' serial numbers, and as a result they often order the wrong filter. This cannot happen With the Air-T-Rex™. Just give us the real dimensions of your old filter and we will do the rest.

  • The Air-T-Rex™ Universal can easily fit any filter track (from 3/4" to 5"+ thickness) because it does not have a rigid cardboard frame. Its perimeter is flexible. Its thickness is 3/4 ". In this case smaller is better!

  • The Air-T-Rex™ Universal frees you from exaggerated prices: It is well known in the industry that furnace and air exchanger manufacturers sell their original filters at a high markup. They know that you are a captive client so they manufacture their filters with odd dimensions to be sure you cannot find them elsewhere. You don't need to be captive any more. You now have the opportunity to save a lot of money by ordering your garanteed-to-fit, made-to-measure, Air-T-Rex™ Universal Merv 11 filter right here!

Now, technically speaking...

The Air-T-Rex™ Universal is a Merv 11 filter. This means it will catch 95% of particles as small as 3-micron plus 75% of one-micron particles. This is considered hospital laboratory-grade filtration. To achieve this superior level of filtration, the Air-T-Rex™ works differently than common pleated filters. Thanks to its ‘Depth-Loading’ technology, the Air-T-Rex outperforms traditional pleated filters It also offers a longer service life.

The purpose of any air filter is to let the maximum quantity of air pass through the filter while holding back the most-significant amount of micro-particles. Until now, to be effective, a standard air filter had to be tightly weaved. But, tightly weaved filters easily clog at the surface as you can see in the video below. In the end, a clogged filter doesn't work and dust starts to build-up again in your house...

Instead of reducing the space between the filter fibres, the Air-T-Rex™ filter uses different medias arranged from coarse to fine to allow the filter to capture the largest particles on the upstream side and finer particles as the air moves through the filter media. In addition it is coated with a unique polymeric adhesive. When a micro-particle touches a fibre, it sticks. This way, air passes easily even if the filter is saturated with dust.

  • The Revolutionary “Depth Loading” AIR-T-REX™ Universal

    The Air-T-Rex™ Depth-Loading filter is NOT easily clogged because particles penetrate deeper into its loosely weaved filter media. They become prisoner of a polymeric adhesive trap.

  • How a Standard Pleated Filter Becomes Clogged

    Tightly woven air filters are easily clogged. This means less ventilation, more dust on your furniture, an increase in energy costs and higher replacement costs.

  • The Secret

    Three levels of defence

    Yes, the Air-T-Rex™ has three filtration levels. Unlike standard filters that are enclosed in a rigid cardboard frame, the filtering material of the Air-T-Rex is thermally fused around a galvanized wire ring.


    Bypass unfiltered air resolved: This is a huge undetected and costly problem in most HVAC systems. Cardboard-framed filters do not seal at the perimeter thus allowing unfiltered air through. The Air-T-Rex is self-sealing. For a perfect seal around the perimeter, the filtering material has a flexible fringe of about one inch that exceeds the galvanized steel frame.

See how easy it is. The price will appear automatically after choosing the filter type and the dimensions.

Merv 11 Air-T-Rex Universal Replacement Filter

Merv 11 Air-T-Rex Universal Replacement Filter

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Air-T-Rex Basic

Unlike other brand name filters, the Air-T-Rex Filter can be made to measure so it will fit perfectly into your HVAC unit. This removes the biggest problem for ordering replacement filters – Dirty Air Bypass. The Air-T-Rex filter provides a full perimeter seal around the edges, eliminating dirty air by passing around the edges of a typical cardboard framed filter.

Air-T-Rex Premium

All of the same great benefits of the Air-T-Rex Basic filters, except with an added layer of carbon, to remove unwanted odours

Product Specs

  • Shipping Schedule

    Depending on the distance, you should receive your custom Air-T-Rex™ filters between seven to ten working days after placing your order.

  • Tip for measuring in-between sizes

    Example: If your old filter measures more than 15-1/2" but less than 15-5/8", order the smaller measurement (15-1/2" in this case). Don't worry; the flexible fringe around the perimeter will ensure a tight seal.

  • Tip for very large filters

    If you aren't able to slide a very large filter into place because of the presence of a wall or other obstruction, divide its length by two and use two smaller filters to fill the space instead. The fringe will assure a tight seal between the two Air-T-Rex™.

Merv 11 Air-T-Rex™

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Should you consider an Air-T-Rex™ Premium + Carbon with an active carbon layer to control odours?
    An Air-T-Rex™ Premium + Carbon (with an exclusive active carbon layer) is a good choice in neighborhoods near highways or where fireplaces or wood stoves are popular. In the house, an Air-T-Rex + Carbon will rapidly catch unwanted odors and gases.

    The Air-T-Rex™ Premium + Carbon is a particularly good choice if you have an air exchanger and there are some outside odours or gases that you don't want get into the house.

    Active carbon comes from a vegetal source. It should not be confused with mineral coal. It is a light black powder, constituted primarily of porous carbon matter. It is in fact a type of spongy charcoal with a very large surface area that gives it a very high 'adhesive' power.

    The cavernous surface of active carbon is huge: one gram of active carbon has an equivalent adhesive surface of 2,500 to 25,000 square feet!

    Active carbon has no taste, no odour, and no undesirable side effects. The spongy capacities of active carbon are used in a variety of applications. In addition to odour control, active carbon is used to filter water, white wines, and decaffeinated coffee. It is used to stock hydrogen and in the health care field it is used internally in cases of food intoxication.
  • Why it is important to change your air filters regularly?
    You could easily save 5 to 15% on your energy bill: A dirty air filter (as pictured at right) makes your furnace work harder. More energy is needed to keep the same comfort level. Consistently changing your air filter, will help keep your utility bill down!

    Overheating kills motors: The most common reason a heating or air conditioning system breaks down is because of a dirty filter. As dirt accumulates, air can't pass and then the motor works harder until it overheats and must be replaced. You can easily extend your heating/ac system’s live by replacing the filter regularly.

    Maintain healthy air quality: This is particularly important if anyone in your family suffers from allergies or asthma. If you have pets, pet dander will accumulate in the system and then spread allergens throughout the household. It's an easy fix to replace your filter regularly. Bonus: You won’t have to spend as much time dusting!
  • Why is the Air-T-Rex™ Universal filter your overall best choice?
    The considerable price advantage: Energy Star ® suggests changing your furnace air filter every month, especially during the winter and summer months, when your unit gets the most use. Thanks to the Air-T-Rex™ Universal depth loading feature you will probably be able to let three months go by without swapping your dirty filter out for a new one. SInce the cost of the Air-T-Rex™ Universal is about half of other brand name filters you win all the way! Try it. You will love it!