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Introducing The AtmosAir Bi-Polar Ionization System. This New Technology Virtually Kills Odours, Molds, Dust, Pollen, Bacterias and even Viruses!

How it works:

Airflow passes through the patented ionization tube of the unit. The tube energizes the air to form bi-polar (negative and positive) air ions. The fan then distributes the ions into the room. This could not be more simple and elegant!

Bi-Polar ions cause air particles (dust, pollen, molds and even viruses) to be attracted together and bond air ions. This is called agglomeration. The particles then become larger and heavier and two things occur:

1) Particles are more efficiently trapped by filters and/or
2) Particles drop from the breathing space to the floor.

The result is fast and spectacular: Particle free air!

Air ions are nature’s air cleaning method. In naturally pristine environments, such as at mountain elevations, air ion levels tend to be much higher than in areas that are more highly populated and industrialized, such as urban areas and homes.

The AtmosAir system uses bi-polar ionization technology to increase those levels of ions back to where nature had intended them to be. Our technology enable you to enjoy the crisp, fresh air naturally found in mountain elevations.

Breathing is believing...

Odours: Bi-polar ions seek out odours at their source and break down their composition to eliminate them. Our system doesn’t mask or dilute odours, it eliminates them.

Particle Decay: Particles are taken out of the breathing range to the floor. Since bi-polar ionization go to the source of contamination, a larger percentage of particles are cleaned than with filter systems. In fact it has the effective filtering capability of a MERV 13 filter.

Allergy & Asthma Sufferers: Various allergens such as pollen, pet dander, mold, dust, ragweed, etc., are eliminated, thereby reducing symptoms.

VOC & Odor Reduction: Chemical off-gasses and odors are eliminated by ionized air. Masking agents that add to indoor pollution are no longer necessary (like fragrance misters).

Microbial Reduction: Airborne molds, bacteria and viruses are reduced by particle decay as well as by ionized air disturbing their reproductive cycle, preventing their growth and spread.

Static Reduction: Static electricity is neutralized. Dust that normal clings to surfaces settles towards the ground.

Comparaison with other products on the market

Most other products on the market, such as HEPA filters, Ultra Violet light, electrostatic air cleaners, and negative ion generators can “only treat the air that goes through the device”, which amounts to air no more than from a few feet around the device, or no more than 20% or 30% of the air in a room. AtmosAir’s system sends the air cleaning ions throughout the whole space where the contaminants are. This is a BIG difference!

Don't forget to read the testimonials at the bottom of this page...


Air cleaning capacity Up to 1500 sq. ft.
Voltage 110 V
Watts 50 W
Ionization Tube Type D
Ion Distribution Internal Fan
Applications Portable unit with fan and filter that can be placed on a flat surface. Ideal for applications where a central HVAC system is unavailable such as homes, large living spaces, basements.
Contaminants treated

Mold spores
Viruses & bacteria
Offensive odors (trash, pets, mildew, paint)
Common gas emanation coming from home materials and chemicals.

Allergies Asthma and allergy sufferers experience tremendous relief by breathing clean, contaminant-free air. (See testimonials below).
(Table Unit)
Price: $1795

ATMOSAIR Matterhorn 1000/1002
(In-Duct Unit for Central HVAC Systems)

Capacity 2500 to 5000 sq.ft.
Voltage 110 / 220 V
Watts 5 W
Ionization Tubes M1000:C/D/E/F
M1002: C/D/E
Applications In-duct Unit for Central HVAC Systems. Ionization can be adjusted with a 5-step knob.
Contaminants treated

Mold spores
Viruses & bacteria
Offensive odors (trash, pets, mildew, paint)
Common gas emanation coming from home materials and chemicals.

Allergy Asthma and allergy sufferers experience tremendous relief by breathing clean, contaminant-free air. (See testimonials below).
Matterhorn 1000
(In-Duct Unit)
Price: $1695
Matterhorn 1002
(In-Duct Unit)
Price: $1995


Some Testimonials *

My name is Richard F. Grant of AirFiltration.ca. Before offering the Atmosair Bi-Polar system to my customers I tested it myself. We made the first test in a meeting room. Some people were smoking for this test. After only a few minutes, the T-400 changed completely the sensation of the air we were breathing. No smoke anymore. Just the sensation of clean fresh mountain air. It was somewhat magical... I made the second test in my home basement. Like many basements, well... there are basement odours. I then put a T-400. My basement is more than 1200 sq. ft. so this exceeded the capacity of the unit. But the next day, well, the air was perfect. Odours gone. Really amazing. I am convinced: this product can solve many problems that cannot be solved easily by ordinary filtration equipment. Richard F. Grant, Chambly, QC - AirFiltration.ca

“I brought this machine (the T400) and plugged into my son’s room. The next thing I know, after a few days, his MRSA infections cleared up!! He went for a whole 8 months MRSA-free!! …….I swear by this machine………….I couldn’t say enough about it because it is one less thing I have to worry about. The scars on Tyler’s body are now gradually clearing up, and he is looking normal again. We both thank you so much!” Sue-Ann, Ballston Spa, NY

“We installed two of your AtmosAir units at a house in Westport that had odor issues. I followed up with the homeowner (who is extremely critical). He stated that he noticed a “tremendous improvement”, and thinks that the product is fantastic. He said he would like to install a unit in every system in the home (four additional systems – might be a 5th if he wants to do the guest house as well). Just wanted to pass on the positive feedback.” Mike, Westport, CT

“On behalf of our owners, our staff, and our customers, I would like to thank you for introducing us to your AtmosAir air purification solutions. From the day we tested the portable unit, we noticed a HUGE improvement in the removal of foul odors, but also from the significant improvement in air quality and comfort for our working employees! We couldn’t believe it! Even though that single unit was trying to deal with an area 3 times too big for its capacity. We couldn’t be happier with the improvement! Thank you again for making our world better…..and healthier!” Soraya, New York City, NY

“I just wanted to tell you how much my family and I like the AtmosAir System. I suffer from seasonal (all year) allergies as well as my seven year old son. I moved to North Carolina from Maryland in 1985 and soon after realized that I had allergies. My son and I are both all year sufferers and have found little tono relief, until we installed the system in our home. I have slept better than I have in twenty years and my son has not had a single coughing spell. This is unbelievable to even comprehend and that we could both find relief. We are totally different people and feel great and I owe it all to the system. Thank you for making a difference in our quality of life.” Ken, Charlotte, NC

* Original letters on file at Atmosair US Headquarter, 418 Meadow Street Suite 201, Fairfield, CT 06824, USA.

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