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Made-to-Measure Filters

We can manufacture filters of any size!

Just indicate the exact dimensions of the filter you need. The form will automatically calculate the price per filter, the number of filters per case and the total price for a case.

Usually, made-to-measure filters are 25% more expensive than stock filters. Before ordering, check whether your filter is available in stock filter page.

Order Form for Made-to-Measure Filters

Filter Type and Thickness:

Dimensions in inches
Price / filter:    $


Filters / case:       



TOTAL:     $


Differences in size between stock and made-to-measure filters

Stock filters are identified by their nominal dimensions. For example, a stock filter of 20" x 20" will measure in reality 19-3/4" x 19-3/4"

Made-to-measure filters must be ordered with their real physical dimensions and not their nominal size.

Very large filters

If the filter you need is larger than the sizes of the form below, divide its length by two and use two smaller filters to fill the space instead.

This tip can also be used when you aren't able to slide a very large filter into place because of the presence of a wall or other obstruction.





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