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Air Filtration is a also a Manufacturers' Agent!

Are you a distributor, wholesaler, contractor or a specialist of HVAC?

Do you buy Commercial Filters (3M Filtrete Commercial , Tri-Dim Filters, etc.) in large quantities or for specialized applications?

If so, please contact us!

We can supply you directly from the plants of the manufacturers we represent and this without any intermediary.

We have the filters you need at the price you want!

Filtrete Commercial Filters
(Merv 8 to 13)
Tri-Dim UltraXCell Filters
(Merv 14 to 16)
Full Line of Housings

Panel Prefilters
Cube Prefilters
Pleated Prefilters
Bag Filters
Thin Line Filters
V-Cell Filters
Rigid Filters
Hepa Filters
All Spraybooth Filters
Molecular Filters
Pleated Carbon Filters
Activated Carbon Filters


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Phone: (514) 990-3604

Toll Free : 1 (800) 808-0496

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