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How an Active Carbon Filter Works

Activated carbon (or vegetal carbon) is a light black powder, constituted primarily of porous carbon matter. It is in fact a type of charcoal with a very large surface area that gives it a very high adsorptive power.

Please do not confuse adsorption and absorption. Adsorption is a physical phenomenon by which the gas molecules or liquids settle onto the solid surfaces of the adsorbent.

The surface of active carbon is huge: one gram of active carbon has an equivalent adsorbent surface of 400 to 2500 m 2 .

The adsorbent capacities of active carbon are used in a variety of applications. In addition to odour control, active carbon is used to filter water, white wines, and decaffeinated coffee. It is used to stock hydrogen and in the health care field it is used in cases of food intoxication.

Active carbon has no taste, no odour, and no undesirable side effects.

We can incorporate a layer of active carbon into almost all of our filters.

Air Exchangers

Active carbon filters are a good choice in neighbourhoods near highways or where fireplaces or wood stoves are popular.


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